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Wireshark Quick Tip – Creating Firewall ACL Rules

One of the coolest newer features of Wireshark is the ability to automatically generate firewall ACL rules based upon a packet you may be viewing. As an example of this, take a look at the following packet:

If you look at the data portion of this packet you can see that this is packet generated by the infamous blaster worm. Notice the destination port is 4444 which is the standard port used by blaster. In the case, let’s say we want to create a firewall ACL rule that blocks anything with a destination port of 4444 on an iptables firewall. If we select this packet, go to Analyze > Firewall ACL Rules on the standard toolbar, we will get a dialog that will let us build custom firewall rules based upon the contents of this packet. In our scenario here, we would select Netfilter (IPTABLES) from the vendor drop down box, and select TCP Port 4444 in the filter box. This will output the exact command you need to enter in your iptables configuration to enact this firewall rule. If you play around with this feature you will see that there is quite a bit you can do with it.

This feature is very new and doesn’t support a lot of different vendors, but this should develop over time.

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