TL;DR: I’m not a psychologist. Your mileage may vary with my psychology related blog posts.

I’m not a psychologist, nor do I have a professional background in psychology. My background is mostly in information technology and security. With that said, I am currently pursuing a PhD in psychology with a focus on learning and cognition. This is primarily because it’s something I find interesting, and I think there is value in understanding more about human cognition in relation to how we investigate computer crimes.

In most of my blog posts, when I talk about psychology related topics I’m intending to do so in a way thats accessible to information security practitioners, not academic psychologists. Therefore, my tone will always be fairly casual and I won’t be citing every source in perfect APA. These posts are ultimately a synthesis of some of my research and how it applies to the information security community, and in a lot of cases are intended to serve as placeholders so that I can track my understanding of specific concepts as I learn more.

With that in mind, my blog posts won’t cover every application, edge case, or gotcha. When possible I’ll try to provide links for those who want to dig into the underlying research more. If you are interested in learning more about these topics or how I drew some of my conclusions beyond what is presented here, please get in touch and I can point you towards relevant peer reviewed and empirical research I draw from in my studies, or some of my more formal academic papers as they become available.