I’ve managed to collect and create a lot of packet capture files over the past few years as a part of my teaching and learning, so I’ve decided to post some of those here. You are free to download and use these captures as you like with no restrictions. If you do find them useful however, I do ask you mention where they came from.


Common Protocols

Security Related

  • activeosfingerprinting.pcap – An NMap OS fingerprinting scan
  • arppoison.pcap – Demonstration of ARP cache poisoning at the packet level
  • aurora.pcap – A lab system being exploited by the aurora exploit used against Google and others. Created using Metasploit.
  • ratinfected.pcap – A lab system infected with a remote access trojan sending data back to its upstream host
  • synscan.pcap – A basic TCP SYN scan

Wireless Networking