Source Code is an information security podcast that’s all about education. Rather than simply providing technical segments or news, Source Code is focused on the people that push information security forward and battle in the trenches every day. We interview practitioners from every facet of information security about their origin story. This includes how they go their start, how they got into the field, what makes them tick, and the career decisions that made them successful (or slowed them down) along their path. We also talk about current opinions on the state of security education to include what we’re doing right and what we’re doing wrong. You’ll hear from plenty of household names you’ve heard of, as well as some people you should know about with interesting back stories and unique contributions to the field. Source Code celebrates the diversity of backgrounds that makes information security a unique place to exist.

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Episode 2: Doug Burks

This week, my good friend Doug Burks joins us. Doug is most widely known for being the creator of the Security Onion Linux distribution that helps you peel back the layers of your network and make your adversaries cry. In this episode we talk about the origin of Security Onion, the reality check in college that helped turn Doug into one of the most disciplined and hard-working people I know, and his part in helping turn Augusta into the information security capital of the south.

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Season 1 Archive

Episode 1: Ed Skoudis

In our very first episode we bring in Ed Skoudis who is a SANS instructor and founder of Counter Hack. We talked about his background growing up in Michigan, a few near death experiences, teaching SANS classes without shoes, and why storytelling is so important.

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