Announcing the Rural Technology Fund

I wanted to take a moment and link over to a project I have been working on for quite some time. I’ve recently founded a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization called the Rural Technology Fund. Coming from a small rural area that really lacked in opporunities for those interested in technology, I know how challenging it can be to pursue a career in that field. The goal of the RTF is to provide opportunities to students from rural areas pursuing education in computer technology.


There are two main ways this is done –


Scholarships – This year the RTF is giving away two $500 scholarships. Hopefully we can give away much much more next academic year.


The Genesis program – Working with county youth service centers and local businesses, this program aims to utilize area volunteers to refurbish donated business PC’s for donation to students who do not have computers at home. The Genesis program gives birth to opportunities for these students and their families.



How can you help?


Packet Analysis Training – A portion of the income from EVERY training program I do goes directly to the RTF. This includes live training downloadable videos (coming soon).


Monetary Donations – The RTF is accepting donations, and all of those donations are tax deductible.


Computer and Equipment Donations – The Genesis Program is accepting donated computers to be refurbished and donated to students in needs. These computers should be in fairly decent condition and at least have a functioning motherboard and processor. We are also accepting monitor, keyboard, mouse, and software donations.



For more information on the Rural Technology Fund, check out

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