Packet Analysis Workshop in Augusta, GA

There’s nothing more frustrating than knowing the answers you need lie in a mountain of data that you don’t know how to sift through. That’s why I wrote the first Practical Packet Analysis book a decade ago. That book is now in its third edition, has been translated into several languages, and has sold over tens of thousands of copies. Now, I’m excited to bring my live packet analysis workshop to Augusta, GA.

This workshop is delivered live in Augusta, GA during an all day (9A-4P) session on October 18th. You’ll participate in demonstrations and hands-on activities that help you become more comfortable dissecting packets.

Course Outline (subject to change based on available time):

  1. The Life of a Packet: Encapsulation and Decapsulation
  2. Tapping into the Wire: Where to capture packets
  3. Packet Maps: Dissecting packets like a protocol analyzer
  4. Wireshark: Common analysis techniques and customization
  5. Tshark: Packet analysis on the command line
  6. Common Protocols: Normal and abnormal stimulus and response
  7. Hands-On Security Scenarios: Malware communications, session hijacking, and more

The course is being held the day before the Security Onion Conference and two days before BSides Augusta. If you’re coming to town for the conferences, consider coming a day early for the workshop. If you’re just coming for the workshop, you won’t regret staying longer for these two conferences. They make up one of my favorite weekends of the year!

You can learn more about the class and purchase tickets here:

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